How Long Is Long Enough for a Treatment Program?

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One of the many questions asked of treatment centers is about the overall effectiveness of the programs offered. A treatment program can vary in scope and length, but scientific studies have overwhelmingly indicated that longer treatment stays correlate with lower relapse rates. The traditional length of time used to be 28-30 days. This period of time would allow the patient to detox physically, receive the medical attention they needed, attend some 12-step meetings, and then return back to their lives in a successful recovery.

In reality, addiction recovery is far more complex as there are often emotional traumas and psychological factors that need to be addressed and treated. Each individual responds differently and each treatment program must be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Escalating costs and limited health insurance benefits are often deterrents to receiving the care that translates to better quality recovery. Longer is better, but residential treatment is typically capped at 30 days by insurance companies. However, most insurance companies will continue to pay for outpatient treatment programs and aftercare programs immediately after completion of a residential treatment program.

Experts recommend that if long-term treatment isn’t feasible, intensive outpatient programs and sober living environments are the next best option. At Miracles in Action, we believe our patients have the best outcomes when long-term treatment programs are utilized. With our outpatient detox, PHP and IOP programs, and dual diagnosis programs, our clients have the best recovery resources at their disposal.

Miracles In Action offers a complete substance addiction treatment program that is affordable, personalized, and flexible. We understand that our clients come from all walks of life but together, we have the common goal of achieving successful long-term recovery. If you’re struggling with addiction, we’d love to answer any questions you have about treatment, recovery, or our services. It’s a quick and simple call with a friendly and compassionate counselor.

Call us today and start your new life in recovery tomorrow!

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