Substance Abuse Treatment in Northridge 

Helping People Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction 

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, you may need a compassionate and empathetic treatment program to help you overcome your addiction. Substance abuse disorder is common, and it can affect anyone. Human beings are chemically primed to establish dependencies on certain substances, which means that addiction is a matter of health and not a moral failing. 

We at Miracles in Action can provide the assistance you need for overcoming substance abuse. Our programs for drug and alcohol addiction include individualized treatment plans, outpatient detox, dual diagnosis, group and individual therapy, life skills support, and more. If you’re ready to create a new life with people who care about your health and happiness, choosing Miracles in Action is right for you. 

For more information about our substance abuse treatment in Northridge, contact us online or call (818) 287-0080.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment 

Alcohol dependency is a medical disorder that can require complex treatment. Not only must the body’s physical dependence on alcohol be carefully addressed, but so too must the mental and emotional components that drive alcohol addiction. 

If you are struggling with alcohol substance abuse, Miracles in Action can offer the outpatient detox services you need. We also offer a variety of treatment programs that can help you address and overcome past experiences and behavior patterns. Addiction may have seemed insurmountable before, but Miracles in Action is here to give you the foothold you require. 


Drug Addiction Treatment 

Whether pharmaceutical or illicit, there are many kinds of drugs that can all affect people differently. When you develop a dependency on any kind of drug, your career, health, relationships, finances, and life as you know it can quickly fall apart as your addiction spirals out of control. We can help you stop the spiral. 

Miracles in Action offers personalized recovery treatment and support for adults who struggle with addiction to all kinds of drugs. Through personalized treatment programs that include individual and group therapy, we can help you address and overcome the underlying experiences and behaviors that support addiction.  

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Whether you want to make the call for yourself or someone you love, we at Miracles in Action are here to listen. We can offer compassionate and empathetic support for anyone struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

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  • “Miracles in Action provides a warm, loving, and family feel to the recovery process. I can say that I am very fortunate to have witnessed the miracles that take place here. The management and clients' past and present continue to make this place a success. Thank you Miracles in Action for all that you do. ”

    - A.M.
  • “Miracles in Action offers stability and recovery. It helps you put your life back together in an environment where people are supportive of one another. I am blessed to bear witness to the miracles that have taken place here. ”

    - L.W.
  • “Miracles in action is a great place to get clean and sober. Groups and therapy taught me a lot about myself and coping skills to deal with life on life's terms. The staff is very kind, and professional and showed that they really cared! ”

    - R.J.
  • “My life is where it's at today thanks to Miracles in Action! I haven't been this happy in a very long time. And I have all of the caring staff to thank for it. ”

    - L.M.
  • “MIA definitely saved my life. The counselors and staff guided me through my addiction by showing compassion. Lonnie and Edwin are two of my favorite people(counselors). They have so much knowledge and supported me during hard times by explaining cognitive distortions and how an addict's mind works. I chose the 12 steps outside of the program and I have ... ”

    - D.T.
  • “The staff at Miracles In Action are so supportive and compassionate about their clients. They're always working with individual needs and treatment plans. ”

    - M.P.
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    • How does drug addiction treatment work?

      Addiction affects everyone differently. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to drug addiction treatment. Instead, the process begins with a personal assessment and evaluation. During this initial meeting, our drug addiction treatment specialists ask a series of questions designed to assess an individual’s level of addiction and recovery needs. Once the assessment is complete, our specialists recommend a personalized treatment program. This program may involve a combination of proven addiction treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, stress management, and more. Most often, our patients begin by attending treatment several days a week at one of our facilities. As they progress through recovery, the number of times they need to visit the facility for treatment may gradually decrease.

    • If I go to rehab, will I have to live at the rehab facility?

      Whether or not you will need to live full-time at a rehab facility will depend on the specific details of your situation. For those struggling with very severe substance use disorders, inpatient (or residential) treatment may be recommended. Others, however, may benefit from an outpatient (or non-residential) rehab program.

    • What is outpatient treatment?

      Outpatient treatment simply means that you do not live full-time at the rehab facility where you receive addiction treatment services. Instead, you visit the facility several times a week for several hours at a time to attend therapy, take part in support group meetings, and receive other treatments specifically tailored to you and your recovery. You then return home to sleep and manage outside responsibilities, such as going to school, working, or taking care of your child. Our outpatient treatment programs include Drug & Alcohol Addiction recovery along with Mental Health Disorders. 

    • How long does drug addiction treatment take?

      The amount of time you will need to attend drug addiction treatment will depend on numerous factors, including the severity of your substance use disorder, whether or not you have a co-occurring mental or behavioral health condition, the amount of support you receive at home, your risk of relapse, and much more. Generally speaking, recovery is a lifelong process. At Miracles in Action, we provide ongoing support and comprehensive aftercare services to our patients. No matter where you are in your recovery, you can count on our team to be there for you every step of the way.

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    If you are searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, Miracles In Action will help you create a new life surrounded by people who care about you, your health, and your happiness. Come experience the miracle at Miracles in Action.

    What Sets Us Apart?
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      Licensed, Accredited and Certified

      We take great pride in our programs, which are built with compassion and care. When you work with us, you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality treatment.

    • 2
      Treating the Individual, Not the Addiction

      At Miracles in Action, we offer dual-diagnosis which allows us to not only treat your addiction but also treat the underlying conditions that may be causing the addiction.

    • 3
      Dedicated Recovery Specialists

      Our team of addiction and mental health experts is innovative and collaborative. They work with you to create the RIGHT plan for your journey to recovery.

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