We provide safe and comfortable residential drug & alcohol detox at Miracles In Action.

Inpatient medical detoxification is a very important first step on the path to healthy, sustainable recovery. Attempting home detox or self detox is dangerous, and can lead to serious health issues including death. Drug and alcohol detoxification is safest in a fully-monitored inpatient setting led by a physician who is board certified in addiction medicine and supported by a staff of medical personnel who have experience in detoxification and withdrawal symptoms.

At Miracles In Action, we provide caring, compassionate and comfortable inpatient detoxification services led by our staff physician, Dr. Bruce Stark, MD. We take every precaution to ensure that our inpatient detoxification services adhere to the very highest standards in addiction care. Our clients go through our medically-supervised detoxification program knowing that they are safe from the complications and discomforts that arise during the detox process.

During the detoxification process, your body will go through the symptoms of physical withdrawal. Dr. Stark and the nursing team will prescribe and administer the latest and most advanced medications and therapies to ensure that you emerge from the detoxification process safely and as comfortably as possible. Detox can be a very intense time with not only physical symptoms, but strong emotions as well. Many times we’ve used chemical substances such as drugs and alcohol to help us handle our strong emotions. We provide licensed therapists during detoxification to help our clients begin to process and manage these emotions.

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