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Miracles In Action

Miracles In Action

Five Steps to Maintain Your Sobriety in the Face of Tragedy

It seems like life has taken so many turns in the past few years. From horrendous shootings, to overdose deaths, from having it all to losing everything. Heartbreak can seem like it lies around every corner. And if we look for it, it does.

In the face of tragedy, it is very often difficult to maintain our sobriety. A flood of emotions overcome us and we reach for the first thing that will numb the pain. However, relapse can be prevented even in the face of the worst tragedies. Remember that a relapse will do nothing but add more tragedy to the situation. And never forget that no matter who you are, there are people around you who do care and are willing to help you. The following is a list of five steps that will not only help you stay sober through a tragedy, but help you strengthen your own recovery and pass it along to others.


Family Therapy Can Help Reduce Relapse Rates After Treatment

The medical science behind addiction treatment has improved dramatically over the past few decades. Treatment professionals have a wealth of tools at their fingertips to help people overcome addictions and associated behavioral health problems. However, post treatment relapse rates remain unacceptably high. What can we do to help our loved ones into recovery and ensure their long-term success?


My Superhero Power: I Choose to have Power Over My Addiction

In our addiction, we hear a lot of talk about our choices. We hear mostly about our bad decisions and often we hear a lot of condemnation for it. In most cases, it comes from Mom, Dad, a spouse, or our employer.

But what does it take to make good choices? Other people judge us for our addiction and for the things that we do to try to gain love and respect from others. To me, it felt like they took all the power away from my ability to make choices for myself. I was trapped in a world where everyone else told me what to do.


What is it like to go to Miracles In Action Treatment Center?

Why do we struggle with addiction? Why is it so hard to stop drinking or using? What makes it so difficult for us to simply walk away from the substance when it becomes a problem in our life?

There are so many complicated reasons that we turn to drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, life becomes harder and harder to manage, until we simply can't manage it anymore. Sometimes, it is someone around us who makes that determination, but sometimes we come to that point all on our own. And as the big book states, it usually leads us to one of three places - jails, hospitals, or death.


Miracles In Action Announces Gold Seal of Approval® Accreditation through Joint Commission

In our ongoing pursuit of providing the best possible drug and alcohol treatment services in Los Angeles, California, Miracles In Action is proud to announce that we are now fully accredited by the Joint Commission and have earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval®.

The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval® is granted to healthcare organizations after a lengthy survey and evaluation of the quality and safety of critical services and patient care provided. Accreditation is a continuous process that provides insights into an organization's daily operations and systems. The Gold Seal of Approval® earned by Miracles In Action means that we have undergone an unannounced, thorough on-site review of the quality and safety of care being provided and verifies that we are committed to continuously meeting rigorous national standards.


Here Are Five Amazing Things That Changed My Life When I Stopped Drinking

I used to think that there was no way I could live without alcohol. I believed in my reasons for drinking and using, and that I wouldn't be able to go through life without drugs and alcohol. I never thought life would be any fun without being drunk or high. As it turns out, I was actually missing out on a truly fulfilling life by clinging to my addiction. I'm here to share the story of how my life changed after I went through a solid treatment program.


What Is It like to Go to a Treatment Center for the First Time?

It takes real courage to admit that you can’t stop drinking or using on your own. It requires us to overcome a lot of fear to pick up the phone and call someone who can help. Every step of the way is unknown and surrounded by anxiety.

While we may never know quite what we’re walking into when we go to recovery for the first time, many others know it well and have so many positive outcomes from taking that first, huge step. Below is one person’s anonymous account of what her 30-day program was like.


How Long Is Long Enough for a Treatment Program?

One of the many questions asked of treatment centers is about the overall effectiveness of the programs offered. Treatment programs vary in scope and length, but scientific studies have overwhelmingly indicated that longer treatment stays correlate with lower relapse rates. The traditional length of time used to be 28-30 days. This period of time would allow the patient to detox physically, receive the medical attention they needed, attend some 12-step meetings, and then return back to their lives in successful recovery.

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