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Family Therapy Can Help Reduce Relapse Rates After Treatment

The medical science behind addiction treatment has improved dramatically over the past few decades. Treatment professionals have a wealth of tools at their fingertips to help people overcome addictions and associated behavioral health problems. However, post treatment relapse rates remain unacceptably high. What can we do to help our loved ones into recovery and ensure their long-term success?

While few studies exist on the outcomes of family therapy during treatment, all existing studies have shown a dramatic improvement in successful recovery when family members undergo therapy during or after their loved one’s treatment stay. However, early data shows that family therapy could possibly double, or even triple the effectiveness of treatment.

Several factors are thought to play a part in this, most notably through education of healthy recovery processes. Family members are taught how to provide accountability to their loved one. They’re taught how to recognize the warning signs of relapse, and how to support their loved one during difficult times.

Family therapy alongside addiction treatment also helps families learn how to communicate with each other effectively. In some cases, family members may need to talk to someone about their own problems, and perhaps even their own addictions. Overall, when families get involved in their loved one’s treatment, everyone stands to benefit. Everyone can work together for the better of the family unit.

Miracles in Action is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our addiction treatment clients. We have a strong family therapy support team and work with our clients’ families to ensure that everyone is provided with the best resources for long-term success.

At Miracles in Action we believe that recovery is a life-long process and affects every area of an individuals’ life. Our philosophy is to introduce concepts that enforce the practice of staying accountable, working with others and learning healthy ways to cope with day to day life. We work to help individuals develop sober behavior patterns in all areas including family, employment relationships, social and living skills. We believe such changes are crucial in a successful transition back to a healthy lifestyle. Miracles in Action strongly emphasizes family and social involvement to create a support network both during and after treatment.

If you have questions about addiction treatment and our family therapy programs, please reach out to us today. Our team is ready and waiting to answer all your questions.